We are luxury event photographers located in Toronto, Canada and photograph everything from weddings, concerts to corporate events. With decades of experience under our belts, we are looking forward to working with you to capture your special day.




  • Sormeh Shokraie
    We highly recommended Marjan and Masoud. They are wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work in our wedding. You guys are awesome. We are so happy to have you guys in our special night.
    Sormeh Shokraie
  • Hamid
    We had our wedding with their team last July, they’re absolutely great and pro at the business, excellent customer service, very professional pics... we received more than what we accepted from them.
  • Mahi G
    Thank you Marjan Photography for all your amazing and professional work always. I highly recommend Marjan Photography to anyone who is looking for a high quality and unique photographs for their weddings, events, private parties and businesses. Best customer service and very friendly.
    Mahi G
  • Salomeh Mosavat
    I highly recommend Marjan Photography. Marjan and Masoud they are both wonderful.
    Salomeh Mosavat
  • Marjan Zargar
    If you want your next best professional video or photo shoot, don’t miss Marjan photography!!! with many years of experience, they are truly one of the best in their field
    Marjan Zargar
  • Morteza
    It was a amazing experience to hire Marjan and her team for our party the pictures and videos were great. Thank you for making our party special.
  • Hossein Karbakhsh
    Marjan and Massoud you guys are amazing thank you so much for the great job Service and quality
    Hossein Karbakhsh
  • Amir Golbakhsh
    Simply one of the best in the industry, very professional and reliable, also their work is absolutely top notch.
    Amir Golbakhsh
  • Hoori Reyhani
    Thank you for your invaluable pictures . I’ve had fun getting to know you Marjan and Masoud better, and I’ve learned so much from talking with you and seeing how you work. You are amazing at what you do! I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with you so closely.” Thank you for the wonderful photo for our family .
    Hoori Reyhani
  • Yashar Einy
    I have used their services for my business head shots. They patiently tried many different poses and angles. They are highly skilled, professional, honest and friendly. I was extremely happy with the end result and I still use the photographs they provided for me in all my advertising. I strongly recommend them.
    Yashar Einy
  • Ghazal Shad
    The creativity and attention to detail to ensure every moment is captured in the most beautiful way is beyond imagination when it comes to Marjan & Masoud’s work. We were so fortunate to have had the pleasure of having them take our wedding pictures and if you want the most important moments of your life remain an unforgettable memory I highly recommend Marjan Photography!
    Ghazal Shad
  • Ilnaz Vahdati
    Amazing team, so professional, so talented. They are so expert in selecting the scene that matches you and they always come with great ideas. Absolutely recommended.
    Ilnaz Vahdati
  • Arash Barghian
    She is so professional and very reliable. I would definitely recommend her for all your photography needs!
    Arash Barghian
  • Farnam Heravian
    Amazing photographers highly recommended.
    Farnam Heravian
  • Sahab Habibi
    Great team! Very professional, It is always pleasure working with them. Keep up the good work.
    Sahab Habibi
  • Sina Dejnabadi
    Marjan and Masoud were open, honest, professional and with great level of energy. I’m happy we worked with them. I see much greater future for them.
    Sina Dejnabadi
  •  Nazanin Hesami
    My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Marjan. Marjan did a fabulous job with our photos. Marjan was professional and a pleasure to work with.Super friendly and a smile that comforts you while trying to catch that perfect moment. My first impression was not only her skills not only is she a talented photographer but that she also has the gift of giving for an amazing heart. Highly recommended!
    Nazanin Hesami
  • Gelareh Sayari Nejad
    One of them most creative photographers I have had the privilege of working with. Marjan & Masoud are creative and talented. They have great ability to work in a variety of styles and situations. They have always come through and delivered great results. I highly recommend them.
    Gelareh Sayari Nejad
  •  Sajedeh Taheri
    A perfect artist with a good attentions to details, and more importantly a very nice person
    Sajedeh Taheri
  • Yael Malkin
    Loved working with them . Great team great work ethics and amazing final results
    Yael Malkin
  • Tara Izadyar
    Marjan and Masoud are very professional in their job. My husband and I are so happy for such a big decision we made to capture the best day of our lives. Our wedding photos and videos are really awesome and they did beyond our expectations. They are good at customer service and they always smile. I highly recommend them to capture the best memories of your lives.
    Tara Izadyar
  • Raheleh Zamani
    The best photography in Toronto, me & my family love their work, they are more than perfect and amazing.
    Raheleh Zamani
  • Marjan and Masoud are amazingggg professional photographers. I am so blessed to have such a nice people taking my pictures and all of my advertising videos.Thank you so much for everything. Highly recommend them to everyone.
  • Maryam Hariri
    We had Marjan Rahbar as our Wedding ceremony photographer. She is the best photographer we eveeeeeeeeeeeer had, very professional and talented. She was always accessible, welcoming, and very responsive. My husband and I and our whole family admire her work, and totally LOVEEEEEEEEEEE HER...If you don't want to stress out over your wedding photos she is definitely the right person for you....<3
    Maryam Hariri
  • I know these guys almost from the first day of their business. I highly recommend them because of the Proficiency, kindness and the patient this team has. They always follow their promises and u can count on them. I wish all the best for Marjan and Masoud.
  • Elly Roudbandi
    Simply AMAZING! They really are more than photographers. Their experience and professionalism shines through, allowing you to relax and have the best day of your lives !
    Elly Roudbandi
  • Javid Pazouki
    Marjan and Masoud are amazing professional photographers. We are so blessed to have such a nice people taking our pictures. Thank you guys For doing a great job.
    Javid Pazouki
  • Mary Hojati
    Professional Team, professional crew, I work with them since 2013,and happy with them. I recommend for wedding and event and Party planner.
    Mary Hojati
  • Elix Beauty Clinic
    They are very very good and professional team., their stuff is very new and up to date, They are very very friendly and you can have a very good experience with them. I do all my business pics by them and am really happy with their services. I highly recommend them
    Elix Beauty Clinic
  • Elnaz
    Working with Marjan was one of the best decisions we made. Our pictures from the baby shower shoot was perfect and professional. Marjan is highly talented and has a very unique and creative style which I absolutely love it .Her work is incredible and of high quality. She is a true Artist and a professional. Thank you, Marjan for all your hard work and for giving us such great memories to cherish forever!
  • Mehnoosh Faridifar
    Marjan & Masoud did an awesome job for my little daughter, everybody knows that kids photography is really hard job in spite of that they were so patient and took Professional pictures that I really recommend them. YOU DO NOT REGRET
    Mehnoosh Faridifar


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